Keep Your Eyes Wide Open

Faith. 19. Kansas.

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I love my kitty beyond words. 
My obsession with jasmine tea..
Just webcamminnnn it, ya’ll. (: 
Simply me.
I’m just glad my hair is growing.
I just want a gay guy friend..then we could just be the gayest of friends.

Is that too much to ask for?

Having friends right now would be useful. I always end up being the one to reach out my hand to pull someone in. No one does that for me. I don’t want friends because I’m asking for it, I want someone to like me for me to be friends. They say in college you’ll meet so many people. I’ve literally met none. I’ve tried, but honestly I must have a big giant note on my body saying, “Don’t talk to Faith”. It just makes me feel lonely, I miss going out and spending time with a close friend. That’s all.

The second scarf I’ve made (:
This was on my second day at Kansas University! (:
My first day of classes at KU!