Keep Your Eyes Wide Open

Faith. 19. Kansas.

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This is so depressing.
I lost everyone. Like fuck..I’m sorry I suck. But can someone at least make the effort to fucking stay?
I miss you.

I wish I could turn off my feelings. That would be nice.

I just feel really sad. That’s all.
Just another night of feeling down. Fuck no. I don’t want to feel this way.
I’m at war with my head.
My girlfriend is so hot. Yes, I’m bragging because I can.


There is a difference between blaming and shaming a person. Blaming is being told you did something wrong. Shaming is being told that there’s something wrong with you, and you’re worthless, bad, inferior or inadequate. Examples of shaming statements include:

· “You were a mistake; I wish I’d…

This is me.


There is something about her. The way she smiled when I first saw her face, and then I immediately gave her a hug. I never even met her yet, until that day. We talked about so many things that day, and my cheeks were absolutely killing me. You want to know why? Because I never smiled and laughed that hard in years. She is funny. We exchanged awkward eye contact and random smiles. I instantly liked her. I felt alive for once that day I met her, well since I moved to Kansas. Let me just say, everything felt right. But it gets better. It’s when she kissed me near her car. I wanted to kiss her desperately, and to have a taste of her lips ever since I saw them. When I finally did, I was on top of the world. Her lips touched mine. I can’t get her eyes, smile, and her beautiful self out of my damn head. She’s all I think about. Why? Because I like her. Then one evening out of miscommunication, I upset her. I thought I would lose her. I wasn’t ready to lose something good in my life. Ever since I upset her, I have been afraid to lose her. Why? Because I like her. And that’s the scary part. She can leave any time she wants to, and I’ll still be here replaying her kisses on my lips. I’ll replay all the smiles and giggles, and most importantly her beauty. Why am I so afraid to lose her? Because I like her. I like her. A lot. I just wish she could see this from my point of view. This is just one of those nights where I’m thinking of her, and how I miss her tonight. Good night.